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Getting a Short-Term Loan to Pay for Your Wedding

Getting married is a special milestone in life which deserves proper attention and preparation. However, a wedding also has accompanying expenses that can put a hole in your pocket. Many people turn to banks and mainstream lenders to get the funds that they need but experience rejection due to their bad or poor credit.

If you want to borrow money for your wedding but your credit rating does not look good, you may think that getting a loan for your wedding is impossible. Fortunately, there are plenty of private lenders who are willing to lend money to individuals with bad credit. These unsecured personal loans can be used for a variety of purposes, and that includes paying for your dream wedding.

Non-traditional lenders will not put too much consideration on a bad credit rating as long as the borrower can provide assurance that he or she can pay back the loan according to the terms of the loan agreement. The borrower must be able to show that they have a stable or regular source of income so that their loan application can be approved.

Planning a wedding is exciting and exhausting at the same time, so when looking to obtain a wedding loan, it is important to not go overboard and only ask for what you can afford to pay back. It is important to be able to pay back the wedding loan as early as you can since you will be facing many challenges as well as expenses when you start your journey as a couple.

Tips to Reduce a Signature Loan Repayment

Do you feel like your debt is too much to handle and need a miracle to pay your debt off? It’s not a miracle you need, but the proper knowledge on how to deal with the situation. We’ll be discussing things you can do to help you ease the burden a little on your loan repayments.

Negotiate with Lenders

Naturally, the first thing you do is to talk to your lender. By utilizing your credit report and billing statements, you can come up with a list of all your lenders and how much you owe them. Next step would be to call them, and let them know that you are willing to pay your debt but can only be able to pay X amount of money. When you get denied of your request, don’t try to argue. Instead, try and contact a supervisor or someone who is higher up. Make sure to put everything in writing before agreeing to anything.

Consolidate Your Loan

Combining your debt all into a debt consolidation loan can give you a manageable monthly payment which would lighten the load up a bit. If you manage to get a consolidation loan, you can now focus on a single monthly payment. You can also use a personal loan, home equity loan, and a cash out refinance to consolidate your debt. Conduct your research and choose whichever loan offers you the best terms. One thing to note about a consolidation loan is the longer your repayment period, the more interest you’re going to pay.

Transfer Balances

You can apply for a 0% balance transfer card if you have a good enough credit score, and use the interest-free introductory period to consolidate your loans.

Credit Counseling

Credit Counselors are good at negotiating with lenders, you can use them to get you a lower interest rate with your lender, or ask them for help to come up with a budget. And on top of that, will teach you the badly needed money management skills.

File for Bankruptcy

If it’s just too much to handle, filing for a bankruptcy is an option. But before you can even do this, you must undergo credit counseling, and your income-to-debt ratio be looked at. When you’ve managed to file for bankruptcy, some or all of your debts get wiped out.