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Where To Find Financial Aid

In terms of loans and financing, a number of lenders can be found operating in the UK. Different lenders offer different lending and credit facilities. Their size and their services vary. How much they can let their borrowers take out when applying for financing varies as well. It is important to understand what they offer and what are the obligations attached to these types of borrowing in order to find one that truly suits your needs.  


At the top of loan providers are the banks. Most consumers are familiar with high street banks since they tend to be easiest to recognise. Among the services they provide include overdrafts, bank accounts, mortgages, loans, as well as credit cards. They also offer private and personal banking to a few of their customers. 

Credit Unions

Run like a cooperative, credit unions have members that have a say on how it is run. These members tend to have a share of whatever profit the organisation made. While credit unions are generally small, they can also offer financing services to members that may run into some financial difficulties, often at a rate that is significantly lower than what other types of lenders would generally offer. 

Building Societies

In the past, building societies are only closely associated with offering mortgages and savings. Over the years though, they have started to offer services that are similar to what the banks offer. Unlike banks that could be private or public limited companies, decisions in building societies are voted on by its members. 

Money lenders

Even before the modern banking system came to be, money lenders have been extending their financing help to the community. They do tend to charge a higher rate though but are still quite popular among local communities as residents often find them an easier, more accessible option when they need funds fast.

Payday Lenders

More and more people refer to these lenders these days, especially thanks to how they do not put that much emphasis on a borrower’s credit score. They cater mostly to borrowers that usually get rejected by traditional lenders. They are also known for offering fast loan approvals and fast funding although borrowing amounts are generally limited to £1,000.

When your credit isn’t stellar, expect that your choices as far as lenders who are willing to let you borrow money will be significantly whittled down. It is a fact that for you to get approved for a loan, you need to prove to the lenders first that you are creditworthy. If you’ve had histories of missed or late payments or worse defaults, then your chances of getting a loan will be slim. 

Applying for Online Loans with Bad Credit

This doesn’t mean it is totally impossible though. You’ll find that despite your limited choices, there are still lenders who may be willing to give you the chance to prove yourself a good borrower after all. If you’re interested in taking out a £5,000 loan, just be aware that lenders are likely to subject you to a stricter approval process and even higher borrowing fees. 

Direct lenders operating online may be happy to let you take out a loan for £5,000 despite your credit standing. Your bad credit history will forever hang overhead though, which means that these lenders will have to take precautionary measures especially since you are borrowing such a huge amount. 

Things to Consider

Expect the APR to be really expensive. This is one of the ways that lenders can protect themselves especially since you’d be considered a borrower that is highly likely to abandon the loan repayments. Always remember that the largest loans with the most attractive terms will only be reserved for those individuals that have consistently shown excellent financial management and borrowing skills as evidenced by their credit score.

Prove that you can afford the loan too. Lenders will have to look into the income you’re getting every month to assess if you’re taking out a loan that is within your means to pay. Affordability is crucial for a loan request to be approved. In order to get your £5,000 loan to be approved, be ready to prove that what you’re presently earning will be enough to cover the repayments moving forward.