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Do you need $20,000 for some reason? Maybe for a once in a lifetime opportunity, for your business, or whatever you will spend it on. No sane person would lend you that much, that’s why your best option would be to get a personal loan.

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is money borrowed from any lender, be it from a bank, credit-union, or an online lender, which is then paid on a monthly fixed amount. On an easy loan, you are free to use the money however you like as long as you are on time with your repayments.

There are two types of personal loans.

  1. Unsecured Non-Guaranteed Loans – Which means you’re not backed by a collateral, this is riskier for the lenders, you’d need to have a very good record to get approved for this one.

  2. Secured Loans – A secured loan is either backed by offering something that has monetary value. And if you default on the payments, you might lose the property.

How to apply for a personal loan.

Before even applying for a cheap loan, make sure you have the proper documents. Lenders differ in requirements but these are the most common ones:

  1. Must be 18 years old and a US citizen.

  2. Proof of income. Be it bank statements, pay slips, or tax returns.

  3. An old bank account.

  4. Some identification.

Once you have that, all that’s left is to find the right lender for you. Approach different lenders and organizations, compare the rates and see what works best for you.

Tips to help you get approved fast.

  1. Know and prepare what’s needed before you even start applying. Make sure you have all the needed documents before applying, this will save you more time, and will also show the credit lender that you’ve done research.

  2. Scan all your documents. Having an electronic copy of your files is a good idea. You might need to apply online.

How much can you borrow?

A personal loan will have a maximum of $50,000, but most lenders will give you a higher amount if you have the right qualifications for it. Generally a good credit standing of payment history, and a good economical standing to make sure that you are more than qualified to pay for the loan.

When borrowing money, it is important to understand that you will be charged for every amount you will take out. How long you intend to pay it back will affect the total costs too. Your credit score is going to affect how much the lenders will charge you too. It is also going to affect whether you’d get a loan or not.

Repaying a $20,000 Loan

If you decide to take out a $20,000, expect that it is going to be expensive. Generally, an amount like this is only accorded to customers with really high credit rating. If you believe that your credit score is enough for you to be granted such a loan amount, it helps if you first find out how much the monthly repayments are going to be.

Most lenders these days charge a representative interest rate of 3%. This will determine how much your monthly repayments are going to be. Generally, you would want to spread your monthly repayments in such a way that will make it possible for you to pay your dues as comfortably as possible financially. However, you would not want to extend the term unnecessarily as this can lead to you paying more on interest in the long run.

For a $20,000, a loan term of three years would be ideal. This should be enough time for you to spread the monthly payments out in a way that is still affordable. For a three-year term and a representative interest rate of 3%, your monthly repayment would amount to $581.62. This means that you will be paying a total of $938.47 for interest rates, which brings the total loan cost to $20,938.47.

Do understand that the 3% interest rate is but what the lenders usually advertise to their customers. They do not necessarily have to offer the same rate to you. Depending on your credit score and your other circumstances, this could be lower or this could be higher so, take this into consideration before you accept the loan.