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Personal loans can be your ticket to paying off other small loans or just for to cover your expenses. Like all loans, a personal loan shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s very important to know how much you need to borrow and what rates are reasonable for you to avoid spend more. Once you know all that, you can then calculate how much you’re going to be paying each month.

Finding Loans You Can Easily Afford

When you say an affordable loan, what does it mean? Affordable personal loans are a combination of good interest rates and a reasonable payment terms. A personal loan with variable interest rates can increase over a period of time. Which makes having a fixed rate the go to.

Interest Rates

To start calculating how much and compare loan and how it cost you over time, you need to start with the interest rates. The higher your credit score, the lower the rates lender give you.

Shop for the best lender with the best rates. From credit-unions, banks, traditional lenders, peer-to-peer lenders, and online lenders. There are so many to choose from. When you’ve found the lender that offers the best interest rates, it’s time to take a look at the payment terms. Look out for fees and penalties and charges that makes it harder for you to pay off your debt early. It’s very important to read the fine print upon submitting your 50-loan application.

Calculating your monthly payment.

Now that you know how much the interest is, the payment terms and the time-table of the payment, you can now calculate a rough estimate on how much you’re going to pay every month.

Let’s assume that you are borrowing $100,000 at 6 percent for 30 years to be repaid monthly. What is the monthly payment?

  • N = 360 (30 years divided by 12 monthly payments per year)

  • I = .005 (6% or .06 divided by 12 monthly payments)

  • D = 166.7916 ({[(1+.005)^360]-1}/[.005(1+.005)^360])

  • P = A / D = 100.00 / 166.7916 = 599.55

Or you could just use an online calculator for loans, which will make life easier for all of us.

Can a Housewife Apply for a Loan?

One of the basic requirements to apply for an easy loan is regular employment, but will a full-time housewife be allowed to take out a loan?

If you’re a full-time housewife, you know how difficult it is to juggle the household budget. You are not receiving any salary, but you have your hands full in making sure the home is in order all the time. Sometimes there are unexpected bills or expenses that need to be taken care of immediately, or you may want to start a small business from your home. A loan for a housewife may seem impossible, but it’s not.

In the traditional lending market, banks and traditional loan providers will not entertain a housewife who wants to obtain a loan. But with the help of an online lender, it is completely possible.

Online lenders offer various loan products to different individuals: those with good, fair or bad credit, and those who are not employed. If an unemployed loan applicant has a source of income, say, from investments, government benefits or remittance, he or she may still qualify for a loan. This is what differentiates online lenders from traditional counterparts – if you are a housewife looking to take out a loan, you should work with a direct lender. Some online lenders will require a housewife to assign a guarantor to co-sign the loan contract, while others will simply verify if the applicant has a steady source of income, whether it’s from her husband’s salary, investments, or benefits.